Don’t Be A Hero

Because your greatness should be known, not discovered.

The hero archetype is something we’ve all seen. Heroes lead ordinary, possibly unfulfilling lives until some strange circumstance thrusts them into greatness. Minor challenges are overcome and an ultimate enemy is defeated during a quest that changes them forever.

But there is another common trait among these heroes: ignorance. These characters often have to be told or discover what it is that sets them apart. It’s a compelling way to craft a narrative, and an object lesson in how not to market yourself.

To convince potential clients to choose your law firm over the competition, you have to know your Unique Selling Proposition (USP). Consider this your first obstacle.

What you can deliver to your clients that the competition cannot?

This could be something uniquely personal about your expertise. It could be the level of service you provide or it could be something else altogether. Ask your colleagues, your staff or even your former clients what makes you stand out from the competition. Engage through social media and leverage our research to discover what really matters to legal consumers. Once you have some background knowledge, practice completing this sentence: You should choose my law firm because…

Remember: Focus on your client. They’re making the decision, so they need to see and value the difference.

Feel like you’ve mastered this task? Move on to the second challenge: creating and perfecting your elevator pitch. Limit this to 30-60 seconds and keep it natural. You should be able to explain your unique value in a succinct, friendly and professional tone.

Ultimately, the goal is to know what makes you and your firm the better choice for your clients. So hurry into action! There’s no time to lose! Your next client is out there right now, and they’re looking for someone to save the day.

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