Don’t Confuse Potential Clients with an Inconsistent Brand

As you market your law firm across all the various platforms available in today’s rapidly shifting marketplace, keep one crucial word in mind: consistency.

5-23-2014-11-56-21-AM-300x203Whether your firm specializes in criminal or family law, the proliferation of Internet-based marketing tools and tactics presents a great opportunity to expand and solidify your customer base — as long as your brand and messaging are consistent.

Given that the average American consumes more than 10 hours of media every day of the week, it’s likely that your law firm’s marketing messages are being seen and heard in a variety of ways. While spreading out your branding efforts increases your exposure, it also makes you more vulnerable to inconsistency; and every interaction that doesn’t support and strengthen your brand ultimately weakens it.

It’s important to exercise sufficient control, coordination and caution by:

Recognizing the Imperative of Consistent Branding
Consistent branding builds your law practice through reinforcing strong, loyal relationships. How? Consistency throughout your marketing and communication efforts builds trust and familiarity and makes it easier for consumers to recognize and feel positive about your firm. In contrast, circulating conflicting messages does not allow you to properly position your firm in the mind of the consumer and may even neutralize your entire marketing plan.

Staying on Message
Articulating your firm’s core values and messages is not just a useful exercise, it’s imperative. You can’t confidently project a consistent image and “personality” until you have complete clarity about how you want to be perceived. Transactional attorneys may wish to highlight their expertise with regulatory requirements; litigation attorneys may choose to lead with their record of courtroom victories.

Formulating a Consistent Message
Developing a style guide and set of brand guidelines will help you deliver the same brand message through every interaction with your customer base — from social media posts to blog entries to public interviews. Using the same distinct “voice” and tone, as well as the same keywords and design elements (like fonts, colors and imagery) across every online and offline marketing channel helps consumers recognize that all the various posts and messages they’re encountering are coming from the same source.

Cross-Referencing Across Your Marketing
Ensure that all brochures, ads and other offline marketing materials include URLs to your law firm website, landing page, Facebook page and Twitter account. Go one step further by displaying a Twitter #hashtag so consumers can engage in online conversations and post positive reviews about the great legal services they received from you.

Remember, building consistency into your marketing strategy can help you create a strong brand identity that engenders consumer loyalty and enables you to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

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