Doing Good as an Attorney (And Being Recognized for It)

Heard any good lawyer jokes lately? We’ll admit, there are some funny ones out there.

How about any good lawyer stories – the ones that make you proud of your profession? We’ll admit, we like these better.

They’re better because they work with you, not against you. Building and leveraging a good reputation is a key part of effective law firm marketing. We’ve said it time and again. Your reputation can set you apart from the competition in a crowded marketplace. And being known as one of the good guys can go a long way towards reassuring your potential clients about their choice.

But, how do you get that reputation?

Former clients are probably the first source that comes to mind. Positive customer reviews are extremely valuable from the perspective of both word-of-mouth and SEO. But don’t overlook the impact your peers in the legal profession can have. Your colleagues and professional acquaintances know what it takes to be an excellent attorney. They recognize talent, skill and dedication when they see it – often at a deeper level than a layperson.

So, with the recognition of excellence in mind, Super Lawyers announced the recipients of the 2014 Pro Bono Awards this week. These law firms, attorneys, students and active citizens have truly given something powerful of themselves while not accepting payment for their efforts. Please join Super Lawyers in celebrating the efforts of these individuals by reading the 2014 Pro Bono Super Lawyers Digital Magazine.

If you know an individual worthy of recognition, please consider nominating them for the 2015 Pro Bono Awards. Full details on eligibility and the nomination form are available here.

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