Deciding on a Headline for Your Law Firm’s Website

As we discussed previously, your website’s headline is your firm’s first impression – the first chance to communicate the value of the legal services you are offering. In this post, we’ll offer three ideas for crafting a strong, engaging headline.

1. Focus on the potential client
Headlines need to be active. They need to be talking about something that a visitor cares about. In your firm’s case, that visitor is a potential client. So in your firm’s headline, address that person directly.

For instance, in a headline like this, “We work hard to get cases dismissed,” the firm is really addressing itself, not the client. A headline like this, “We make dismissing your case our top priority,” may be making a bold claim, and one the firm better be able to back up. However, it also addresses the potential client — and that’s what really gets that person’s attention.

2. Differentiate yourself
Your headline or slogan gives you the chance to set your firm apart from its competition with a clear, concise message.

Let’s say you run a small firm. How can you turn that into an asset? A headline like this, “Small Firm, Big Results,” suggests that you might be little, but you’re fierce in the work you do for a client, even a small one. Equally important, it sets you apart by making a bold, resonant statement — and addressing the issue of size. It’s the sort of language that shapes an initial impression of the firm.

3. Tell the truth
The slogan on your website might say something like this: “The number-one real estate law firm in town.” Being able to make such a statement is great and certainly differentiates your firm. But it had also better be true. Did a local or even national evaluation publication, one that’s credible and really pulls together the data, anoint you as number one? In other words, can a trusted third party back up your claim? If not, don’t make it – no matter how many times you’ve heard it anecdotally.

Having a presence on the Internet is essential to marketing your firm. But the competition online is tough. To convert the increasingly savvy web visitor into a client, you need to communicate quickly and effectively. You need to give visitors a reason to stop, stay and contact you. There’s no better place to give that reason than the first thing they see – the headline.

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