Custom Websites and Excellent Content? That’s Integrated Marketing Reach

Custom Websites and Excellent Content? That's Integrated Marketing Reach

Marketing a law firm, or any small business for that matter, is often a case of assembling just the right parts in just the right balance. Investing too much money in one tactic too soon will blow your budget before you even have a chance to see a result. Aim too low with your goals, however, and your marketing will under-deliver and make you lose faith in the process. It feels like a razor’s edge, especially when its your own money or law firm you’re putting on the line.

Finding that balance of tactics, strategy and cost control is exactly why FindLaw has created Integrated Marketing Reach, the newest addition to our line of Integrated Marketing solutions. Integrated Marketing Reach includes a custom-built website, optimized for both local visibility and mobile compatibility. Call this the basics: a website that looks great, puts your best foot forward, and lives up to your clients’ expectations of what a law firm’s online customer experience should be.

But if you’ve spent any time researching online marketing, you’ve learned that today’s legal consumer isn’t moving through a linear process from Google search to website visit to phone call. People facing a legal need look beyond websites to discover more about the person they’re considering. In that quest, they increasingly look at two things: great content and engaging social media activity. That’s why Integrated Marketing Reach includes both. Our customers are delivered a reliable content marketing program with two expertly-crafted blog posts each month. An additional bi-monthly blog post is supported with paid social media promotion, giving your law firm a voice on the most powerful platform in years. With Integrated Marketing Reach, your firm will be seen as an active participant in the topics your clients care about and in the online venues where they meet.

Integrated Marketing Reach customers aren’t asked to do it alone either. This solution also includes set-up and optimization of business profiles across key social media channels. This ensures that a law firm’s profiles are properly configured to support the work being done by their website and blog posts. Once again, imagine a typical legal consumer. She finds a law firm via a web search, for example, then confirms her hopes that she’s made the right choice by looking in a second or third location online – that’s integrated marketing at its simplest.

We’ve built Integrated Marketing Reach to bridge the gap between two of our existing solutions. For law firms who want to add more style and more substance to their brand, this mix of a custom website and reliable content fits the bill. What’s more, it was designed to fit the bill. Integrated Marketing Reach is an affordable, mid-range solution for any law firm looking to expand its online presence with multi-channel content marketing.

This suite of services is also flexible. Like all of our Integrated Marketing solutions, the individual tactics included will be regularly evaluated for performance with updates and adjustments automatically applied when technology or market forces warrant a change. It’s marketing that changes with a law firm’s needs. The flexibility of Integrated Marketing Reach extends to other FindLaw services as well. For example, some law firms may choose to augment their social media content and promotion by adding one of our additional solutions, like Social Pro, into the mix. This is just one way an integrated approach can be turbocharged for a particular firm’s goals.

This is a bit more sales-focused than I typically get on this blog, but I’m excited about Integrated Marketing Reach. I think it’s a wonderful new opportunity for law firms that may have been priced out of other opportunities to reap the benefits of the type of sophisticated approach I’ve been talking about for years. If that sounds appealing to you, schedule an appointment with your local consultant and ask about Integrated Marketing Reach. It just might be the perfect fit for your firm.

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