Converting Leads to Clients: Always Be (Moving Closer to) Closing

It's for closers

What does it look like to have online marketing that is “always closing” the next sale for your law firm and working to convert leads into clients? That depends on what you make “closing” look like.

The conventional wisdom that your marketing should “always be closing” can work for attorneys and their law firms, but only if sincere effort and thought are put into designing a realistic end result.

Many attorneys say the ultimate goal of their marketing is to “get more clients.” That’s a natural end goal to have, but “get more clients” is too far-off to inform a detailed marketing strategy, and it’s too general to help determine whether the components of your marketing are succeeding or failing.

Let’s take an example. A family law attorney writes a blog post, but to her knowledge, that blog post doesn’t result in a paying client knocking on her door. Does that mean the blog post failed? Not necessarily. It just means her expectations were too high, far away and disconnected.

Here’s another way to look at the same example. A family law attorney whose target audience is women leaving established marriages sets a goal to be exposed to new social circles, so she writes a blog post. (This level of targeting can happen, by the way. We’ve done it.) She publishes it on her Facebook page, where it does well in terms of readership and likes. No one calls her and says “I read your post and want to hire you,” but a divorce support group shares the post to its 250 members and several follow the attorney’s law firm page. So, did that post succeed? Yes. It didn’t  blaze a direct trail to a paying client, but it met the attorney’s goal, which in turn supports the overarching aim of succeeding business-wise.

Now, apply this to yourself. Take a look at the overall sum of your marketing efforts – either yours personally or your law firm’s as a whole – and ask yourself, “Does my marketing reflect the concept of ‘Always Be Closing?’” If you can identify a concrete, high-level goal and how each marketing effort moves you toward that goal, you are moving in the right direction.

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