Case Study: A Tale of Haunting Assumptions

Computers spook senior citizens.

That’s a common misconception today—and not just because it’s Halloween. When you’re a lawyer specializing in social security and disability benefits, you may ask yourself, what’s the point of having an online presence if that’s not where my clients are? This was certainly true for John Pennington.

For years, John’s practice found success through word-of-mouth referrals as its only business driver. Client traffic was steady, and the old adage held true – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. After all, it wasn’t necessary to invest in a website if his target audience wasn’t online.

But there were a couple factors being forgotten. First, while seniors have historically been late adopters to the world of technology, computers aren’t exactly new anymore. By now, 55 percent of senior citizens report owning a desktop or laptop computer. And second, even those without a PC or tablet may have children who are helping them find a lawyer, and those children are certainly online.

The internet is actually playing an increasingly central role in connecting everyone, of all ages, to news and information, services and resources and social support.

Realizing that his assumption of client computer use was off, John Pennington Firm made the decision to partner with FindLaw and come up with a variety of digital solutions that would help grow his firm.

“My initial concern with creating a website was that I thought my potential clients did not have computers. However, I started getting cases from the internet almost immediately,” John said.

We’re happy to report that the stats are in for John and his numbers are up. Pennington Law Firm is seeing improvements year over year.

To be sure, word-of-mouth still matters. But relying solely on this lead source is a scary prospect to a modern law firm. Find out what solutions John Pennington selected and just how much of an impact it made on his business by reading the full case study here.

Happy Halloween! 

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