Case Study: Mark L. Karno & Associates

Google search rank case study

Is the grass really greener on the other side?

There’s always a temptation in marketing, as in life, to look at what you’re not doing and think about how things could be better if you just were. It’s a natural cycle: People get comfortable and familiar with what they have, then they start to get that itch to move on to something different.

Of course different doesn’t always mean better. Mark L. Karno found that out shortly after leaving FindLaw for another marketing firm that promised to put him at the top of Google search results. Such an enticing offer sounds great, but the reality fell short of the sales pitch.

Unfortunately, marketing firms that promote quick fixes are out there, but they very rarely sell more than a hope and a dream. FindLaw wouldn’t promise Mark top placement on Google, because the truth is that legal marketing is much more than the product of a search engine result.

After seeing a sharp decline in the number of contacts he was receiving from prospects, Mark decided to give FindLaw another chance and the results of that transition were noticeable right away.

Mark now has a digital marketing plan that includes a website, directory listings, PPC and social media. It is also designed to change with the legal marketing landscape so that the firm is always up-to-date on any developments.

Learn more about Mark’s story by downloading the full case study here.

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