Case Study: Experience Is The Best Teacher

They say experience is the best teacher.

They must have heard of Lauren Clark

When she launched her own solo practice right after law school, Lauren knew she was signing on for a lot more schooling in a much tougher classroom.

Lauren hung her shingle without an established client base and, like any small business, needed to build her roster as quickly as possible. Lauren knew what she was getting in to. She understood that the tale of a solo startup is often a tragic one.

Fortunately, Lauren’s story is no tragedy. While she wasn’t exactly an expert in online marketing, Lauren was able to learn enough about website design, SEO and PPC to survive and even thrive. Her hard work and smart decisions paid off and after a few years of running her own online marketing, the scales began to tip in her favor.

As Lauren gained more clients, she faced a wonderful challenge: More time spent working with clients meant less time for marketing. To continue on her successful path, something had to change.

Lauren took a look at her options and, along with the advice of an established mentor network, made the decision to contact FindLaw. Her goal was simple: build on the success she had already achieved without having to spend even more time learning the ins and outs of law firm marketing. In her own words, “I went to school to be an attorney, not a website developer. Partnering with FindLaw took that pressure off me.”

We’re proud to report that, with FindLaw’s expertise behind her, Lauren’s story has continued to get better and better. Find out how by reading the case study.

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