Case Study: A Legal Directory Strategy That Works

What role do legal directories play in your law firm’s marketing portfolio?

Is it a key element of your visibility strategy, or just table stakes for being online at all?

For Bowden Cyr, PLLC, legal directories are an invaluable resource. The Twin Cities law firm helmed by Susan Bowden and Lisa Watson Cyr uses the FindLaw and Super Lawyers directories as well as an Ask Super Lawyers answer page to gain exposure that their website might not otherwise provide.

This has to do with the nature of legal consumers. People navigating an online directory are typically in a different place than those simply browsing the web at large. Directory users are further along in the buyer’s journey. Thus they’re more likely to turn into clients.

Blog_031816_inline_BowdenCyrThat’s one of the things legal directories do so well. Sites like (host to 9 million monthly visitors) are able to place competent attorneys in the path of a highly motivated audience.

Now, it doesn’t all just happen magically. Law firms need to develop a compelling online presence. That means a directory listing that is thoughtful and goes beyond simply stating your firm’s name and contact information. A well crafted website is also a part of this process. One that focuses on the consumer, making a clear, compelling case for why they should choose your law firm.

This process is outlined in the case study.

So what’s your directory strategy? If you’re only there because everyone else is, it’s time to talk to FindLaw.

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