You Can Lead A Legal Consumer To Your Website…

You Can Lead A Legal Consumer To Your Website…

It’s been said, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.” This is true for online marketing as well. You can do everything right to bring prospective clients to your law firm’s website, but you can’t force them to contact you.

But you can make it easier.

Consider this: 87 percent of legal consumers who choose to contact an attorney end up hiring one. And 72 percent of those same consumers only considered or contacted one attorney before making a hiring decision.

The fact is, your website needs to make contacting your firm as painless as possible, around the clock.

Enter Conversion Solutions from FindLaw.

VoiceConnect and WebChat Connect provide direct, easy access to your firm at any time. Your site visitors will receive an improved customer experience while your firm benefits from more contacts with a clear desire for legal counsel. What’s more, Conversion Solutions effectively stops the shop – meaning legal consumers who visit your site are more likely to engage with your firm rather than move on to another.

In fact, a FindLaw survey of legal consumers who contacted a law firm via WebChat Connect showed that one third of them would have continued searching or taken no action if chat were not an option. Even more compelling, Fortune Magazine reported that 80 percent of callers to businesses simply hang up rather than leave a voicemail.

Unless you’re running an all-night law firm or sleeping in your reception area, you owe it to your business to consider bringing Conversion Solutions into your legal marketing strategy.

Remember, you’ve already done the work. Your well-spent marketing dollars have led to this moment. A prospective client is on your website and ready to talk. The worst thing you can do is not answer.

Interested in hearing what Conversion Solutions can do for your firm? Schedule an appointment today to connect with your FindLaw consultant.

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