Watch Caddyshack, Then Watch Your Law Firm’s Performance

Judge Smails: “Ty, how did you shoot today?”
Ty Webb: “Oh I don’t keep score, judge.”
Judge Smails: “Oh well, how do you measure yourself with other golfers?”
Ty Webb: “By height.”

This exchange from “Caddyshack” might not be the most quoted of all time and it’s not the only one to inspire marketing advice. But it does deserve a closer look. In the film, it contributes to Ty’s … mystique, while also serving as an effective dig against a (literally and figuratively) small, petty character.

Setting aside the fact that you should probably show a little more respect to the judges in your life, let’s consider the exchange from a marketer’s perspective.

The character of Ty Webb is an independently wealthy eccentric who golfs at his inherited country club with little regard for rules, decorum and, apparently, his own performance.

The Ty we see in “Caddyshack” doesn’t measure himself against anything, really. And when asked about his golf game, he gives an answer that mocks the very idea of evaluating his performance relative to his fellow club members. You, I’m afraid, have no such luxury.

Somewhere in your vicinity, there’s another firm or legal service competing for the same clients you’re counting on. This is true in major metros, average cities and even in small town America – where the need to differentiate your firm from the competition still applies.

The competition is out there, with the same goal as you. And they’re wondering how to get an edge, just like you. You can’t afford to ignore them and you can’t make the mistake of measuring your firm by things that don’t matter (like height.) So as you consider how to gauge your performance in 2017, think about the big picture.

Think bigger than simple metrics like page views or site visits. These things matter only insofar as they indicate something more meaningful. They’re activities but you should be measuring outcomes.

Don’t get me wrong. Looking at activities like page views, site visits, bounce rates or even leads generated, is a start. But for the sake of your firm’s long-term health it’s time to look at outcomes like cost-per-impression, cost-per-click and cost-per-lead. Knowledge like this is what will enable you to make smart decisions about your marketing efforts next year.

FindLaw customers already know this. Our performance tools place insight like this at the fingertips of our clients and our support staff. Together, we have the ability to see beyond activities like traffic and into outcomes like contacts to their firms.

This kind of high-level thinking and visibility is what allows us to deliver results that outperform the competition. But it all starts with knowing what to measure. (Hint: It’s not height.)

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    Good post! I read your blog often and you always post excellent content. I shared this article on Facebook and my followers like it. Thanks for writing this!

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