Building Your Law Firm’s Brand: Don’t Get Overlooked

Who do you think you are? You might consider yourself part of a trusted law practice, a helpful partner to your clients with years of experience. But does a potential client see your law firm the same way? Does he or she see your firm at all?

All law firms have a brand, whether they realize it or not. And if your brand is indistinct, you could be losing business. That’s because consumers don’t see you – they don’t know your name. A strong brand’s tremendous value is the subject of a new white paper from FindLaw, “Marginalizing Your Most Valuable Asset: What Attorneys Don’t Understand About Brands.”

As we noted here recently, a strong brand makes it more likely that a potential client will contact you. To understand how, consider the four chief ways a client reaches out to a firm online:

  • Organic search. This is when a consumer searches using generic terms (for example, “dog bite lawyer Memphis”).
  • Branded search. Here, online consumers use a specific attorney or law firm name.
  • Referral. Consumers access your website via an online directory or other sites.
  • Direct contact. Consumers access your website by typing in its URL.

According to a recent FindLaw study, organic searches make up most of law firms’ website visits. But branded searches are actually more valuable, because they’re more likely to result in the searcher actually contacting your firm.

There’s another dimension to branded search that goes beyond the online world. When consumers have some familiarity with your law practice’s name, they’re more likely to look you up. (Word-of-mouth recommendations from friends and others who’ve used your services are also valuable in this regard.)

What’s more, law firms with strong brands can benefit from “delayed conversions” via branded searches. Even if a website visitor doesn’t contact your firm right away, he or she is more likely to research it – and then get in touch. As the white paper notes, “The stronger the brand, the better the second chance.”

So how can your law firm build its brand? How can you improve your law firm marketing strategy by capturing more branded searches? Download the free white paper here.

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