For Attorneys Chasing New Leads, Just Keeping Up Isn’t Enough

Video Game Screen

Maybe it’s strange, but when I think about attorneys and their constant need for new leads, I think about Ms. Pac-Man.

See, when I was a kid, my family would go to a pizza place down the road from our house where they had old video game consoles. I was obsessed with playing Ms. Pac-Man to the point where my mom and dad would have to pull me away from the game when our pizza arrived.

So when I hear about attorneys chasing down leads one after another, it takes me back to that pizza place and that black and pink screen. Imagine it. You’re cruising along feeling like you’re at a good pace and gobbling up leads where you can. But eventually, the ghosts of your competition get closer and closer and you find yourself having to move quickly just to keep up. Sound familiar?

The question attorneys face is, how do you sustain and grow the number of leads you’re bringing in as the competition closes in on you?

Integrate Your Online Presence

I see too many law firms who believe a simple website is enough to market to online legal consumers. The truth is, if that’s all you have, you may not be doing enough. A legal blog, social media presence and online reviews help increase your visibility. This kind of integrated approach can help your SEO efforts and make it easier for consumers to find and contact you – moving them from online visitors to leads.

Be Consumer Focused

Lawyers like to talk about themselves, which is important since you want potential leads to know to know you have the experience to handle their case. But keeping the focus of your marketing communications solely on yourself can be defeating. Prospects are looking for an attorney because they have a legal issue that they want to know you can help with. That means catering to their needs. Whether you’re blogging or writing social media posts, focus less on who you are and more on the specific needs a consumer might be facing.

Make it Easy

I said earlier that a website alone isn’t enough, but that is especially true if your marketing isn’t mobile friendly. Legal consumers are increasingly looking for attorneys on their phones and tablets and expect a simple way to connect with one. So, make it easy for them to reach out once they find you. Add click-to-call features to your mobile website and any online campaigns you’re running like PPC. It may seem like a small thing, but making it easier for prospects to contact you could entice them to hit that button and call your firm.

Maybe you don’t have to play Ms. Pac-Man with your leads, but you probably want to do more than just keep up. Changing a few simple things around in your legal marketing efforts could help drive more leads and generate new business.


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