What Attorneys Can Control In Law Firm Marketing: Part I

Control in legal marketing is not a myth.

You’re a lawyer. You want to practice family law, or help people find relief through bankruptcy, or work with SSDI applicants, not become a marketing expert.

With that completely natural mindset, marketing can seem too abstract. It can also feel like an area in which you can exert very little influence. After all, you have no power to impact PPC keyword cost, consumer behavior, or algorithm changes.

Don’t give to those feelings of powerlessness, though! There are many moving parts to any successful marketing strategy and while it’s true you cannot control all of them, you can control enough of them to feel like you are in command of your firm’s marketing success.

In this two-part post, we’ll present six things any attorney or law firm can control in a marketing strategy.

The first three:

  1. Your Marketing Spend:
    Practicing law is expensive and cases don’t always come in predictably. It’s a good idea to keep your fixed expenses manageable, but it isn’t necessary to hold the purse strings too tightly. Scaling your marketing investment will keep you on track, budget-wise, and help you secure new clients to improve your firm’s future. Let’s take social media as an example. Joining Twitter and sharing information, news and views costs nothing. As your financial picture improves, you could invest in publishing software that saves you time, or eventually hire a professional to do it for you.
  2. Whom You Target:
    Your ideal client is one who calls you and then pays his or her bill. People, of course, are more complex than that. Are you a criminal law attorney who wants a high volume of college kids? Or are you an estate planning lawyer who needs a lower volume of higher-asset elderly couples? If your firm’s place in the legal market isn’t positioned to appeal to your key client demographic, it’s just rowing in circles. (For an interesting real-life example, see how California law firm Darras Law was able to grow its business by refining its targeting.)
  3. Directory Accuracy and Completeness:
    Time and time again, our research has shown an eye-opening number of attorneys are inattentive to their online profile and directory listings – which is really too bad, because customers certainly are not. Even if you can take just half an hour, you can make sure your firm’s address, hours and contact information are accurate, listing by listing. (Now is the perfect time for this sort of “spring cleaning” by the way.)

In our next installment, we’ll share three more big-picture ways you can craft an integrated marketing strategy that respects your time and budget and still keeps you in the driver’s seat.

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