Attorney Q&A: PPC Advertising Strategies for Your Firm

As is often the case, our recent webcast, “Four Pay-per-click Advertising Strategies for Law Firms” raised some insightful questions from our audience. If you would like to view an archived copy of the webcast, please visit this page. And for those of you who submitted questions during the event, I’ve tried to answer each of them below.

Does Google reward advertisers with higher organic search engine ranking?

No, but in a way, consumers do. Studies have shown that sites are more likely to “get the click” when their site appears in both organic search results and paid results. One theory is that seeing both results instills confidence in consumers. (Some legal consumers have actually stated that this was a deciding factor when they shopped for an attorney!)

When law firms choose to target the same keywords with PPC that they’re already ranking well for organically, they’re using the “supplementary” strategy I explained in the webcast.

How much does paid advertising typically cost?

If you are managing your PPC advertising efforts on your own, you truly control all the costs. You will only pay for the individual ad clicks you receive – that cost will depend on what keywords you’re targeting and the competitiveness of your market. Your local FindLaw consultant can give you an idea of the average cost per click in your area.

If you choose to work with a third party, you will likely pay a management fee on top of the individual ad clicks mentioned above. While adding costs to your campaign might not sound enticing, bear in mind the benefits of working with a PPC expert like FindLaw. A successful law firm marketing strategy requires expert planning and analysis.

Our process starts with keyword research – determining what keywords your B2B clients are mostly likely to type into a search box on Google, Yahoo or Bing. As your campaign develops, our experts will fine-tune your advertising tactics to ensure the best possible results for your law firm.

How could this be applied to business law firms that focus on B2B?

This is one of the great things about PPC. As long as people use search engines to find a particular service, it’s possible to target them with PPC. If you are a business law firm working with FindLaw, you can count on us to deliver the same level of service that our B2C clients receive.

Do you suggest advertising on just Bing, just Google or an even mix of both?

This really depends on the market. In general, Google offers much greater search volume and potential business. But depending on your particular goals and keyword targets, it may be beneficial to devote a portion of your budget to Bing (and Yahoo). FindLaw’s Digital Marketing Strategists can help you determine the appropriate mix for your PPC investment and your law firm’s overall marketing goals.

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