Why Your Attorney Bio Isn’t Really About You

Why Your Attorney Bio Isn’t Really About You

Imagine you’re hiring a professional service like a financial advisor. A quick view of their profile will give you a sense of their qualifications. Researching multiple advisors will probably result in similar qualifications, right? It’s only when you get a sense of their personalities that you start to see a difference between these professionals. And within those differences you’ll find a connection that seals the deal.

See where this is going? Your online attorney biography needs to serve your potential client, not your ego. Sure, it might be about you, but your bio is most certainly not for you. Write it to appeal to the legal consumer. Of course, they want to see expertise, but things like trust and approachability matter too. So while you’re highlighting your professional achievements, don’t forget to draw attention to what makes you, you.

What motivates you?

Is there a particular case or practice area that drives you? Share that story. You can even weave achievements into this narrative. For example: Instead of simply stating how much you’ve won in settlements, you might say that you define success as “helping clients rebuild their lives after a tragedy. A six-figure settlement can help ease that challenge.”

Share how you got to where you are and what makes you different.

Don’t go into too much detail – everything you include should resonate with the reader – but include enough information to convey your unique qualities to an audience that doesn’t know you.

Write in the first person.

Use authentic, natural language that reflects how your clients think, speak and search. Don’t attempt to stuff your bio with keywords, but make sure that it does reflect your practice area and experience.

At the end, include a clear call to action.

Do this in a personable, non-aggressive manner. Simply listing your contact information and inviting potential clients to contact you is enough.

Feel like you’re getting too touchy-feely?

Edit your own work and keep an eye on your goals: validating your credentials and conveying authenticity and trust. By being both a professional and a person, you’ll make the connection that other attorneys are missing.

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