Why Aren’t You Investing in Conversion?

Investment always involves risk, and many law firms hesitate to spend money in an area as complex as online marketing. Like retirement planning, developing an effective Internet presence is both critical and complex. Firms will reasonably ask, “How should I allocate my marketing dollars?” and “Will I achieve a return on my investment?”

Naturally, firms have a vast range of marketing needs, and no two online marketing plans will be the same. But some simple guiding principles can help you determine how to invest and, importantly, measure the success of your efforts. You’d be surprised how some small, vital steps can impact your bottom line, and how many firms overlook them.


Let’s break down the consumer’s path from initial contact to engaged client.

Investing in conversion tools that directly engage consumers is as important as spending on traffic generation.
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An individual seeking help with a legal issue online initially finds your firm on an internet property, such as a website or a directory profile. Acquiring traffic is where firms instinctively place a significant amount of their marketing dollars. But it’s critical to connect with those consumers once they arrive. Investing in conversion tools that directly engage consumers is as important as spending on traffic generation.

You might be surprised to learn that for every $92 that businesses spend on acquiring visitors, only $1 is spent converting them.[1] That means that traffic reaching a web property may never contact you, much less become a client. For example, without a chat option, one-third of site visitors will likely keep searching or do nothing.[2]

Giving Up On Your MVPs.

To understand the gravity of that one dollar spent on conversion, you need to understand just how valuable a converted prospect is.

Let’s say your firm spends $450 a month on 10 qualified chats or calls. Even if 2 of those 10 become clients with $5,000 revenue per case, your ROI can be significant:

Monthly firm revenue from leads:
$10,000 / 10 billable chats a month: $450 = ROI of 22 to 1

Staffed chat and call services are some of the most effective examples of conversion tools, allowing firms to proactively reach urgent prospects seeking a quick connection. As demographics shift, younger users are making a rapid transition to chat, expanding its importance as an emerging media.

Conversion Solutions from FindLaw Engage Clients and Deliver Business

If you’re like most firms participating in online marketing, your investment in acquiring visitors has led to a critical moment. A potential client is on your website and ready to communicate. This is the time to connect with that consumer. Their need is at its most urgent, and their value as a prospect is at it’s highest.

FindLaw’s Conversion Solutions (Voice Connect and WebChat Connect) engage visitors around the clock, deliver an improved consumer experience and give them the immediate attention they demand. This immediate engagement effectively stops the shopping experience, making legal consumers who visit your site more likely to engage with your firm than move on to another. Put simply, Conversion Solutions turn site visitors into business.

[1] Econsultancy Conversion Rate Optimization Report, 2012
[2] FindLaw survey, 2015
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