Albert Einstein and Intelligently Marketing Your Firm

“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.”
― Albert Einstein

I won’t be the first to turn this quote to my own purposes, but there’s no denying that it’s a powerful concept. Change is omnipresent in the world of digital marketing. Sometimes it’s big, like when Google announced a major change regarding mobile compatibility in 2015. Other times, change is small, like when a million tiny variables conspire to affect your social media posts to or the words you use in your firm’s blog make make some entries more popular than others.

This never-ending stream of changes means gaining and retaining visibility online is a constant challenge. But it doesn’t have to be. Attorneys just need to choose an intelligent marketing solution; one that embraces the nebulous nature of the ‘net. FindLaw’s Digital Marketing Accelerator is that solution.

DMA, as we call it, was created to deliver online visibility through flexible and responsive marketing activities. It’s a program designed for attorneys who understand that what works in August might not deliver the same results by December.

How do we do it? Intelligent flexibility.

  • DMA uses a combination of local profiles, social media, engaging content and paid promotion to keep your firm in the spotlight. The specific mixture and volume of these tactics changes regularly to reflect changing trends online.
  • Our DMA solutions also include a flexible team that works together to constantly maximize your performance. Marketing and content strategists coordinate with PPC campaign managers and local visibility experts to personally coordinate your program.

And while there is a standard set of tactics included, this is hardly a one size fits all approach. DMA’s ability to adapt and customize to your firm’s goals makes it a solution that fits you.

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