Adding a Human Touch to Your Law Firm

Adding a Human Touch to Your Law Firm

Show, don’t tell. It’s one of the most basic tenets of good writing, and it’s a relevant concept in law firm marketing as well.

Look at it this way, most law firm websites tell you how much they relate to their clients. Somewhere after they’ve outlined how much experience they have and how they’ll fight for your rights, they’ll tell you that they understand what their clients are going through. They’re being honest, but they’re also being clichéd. And while customers do value expertise and commitment, they also value sincerity and action. To really stand out as a law firm that connects with its clients, you need to add a human touch to your online presence.

Start by showing some personality on your website. Choose photographs that reflect your individual style and approachability. This includes your headshot. Remember that not every customer wants to see a tough attorney with folded arms and a wall of books. If your office location has a distinctive design or history, highlight it somewhere on your website.

If you have a legal blog, make it a personal, yet professional space that reflects the voice of your firm and highlights the personalities that drive your practice. Intimate details about your life have no place on a professional blog, but try not to sound overly academic or distant.

Next, get social on social media. Start a discussion among your professional network on LinkedIn. Ask a question of your Facebook followers. Share a story or photograph of something your law firm did recently. Crafting a good social media post doesn’t take much time, so engage your audience frequently. A little bit of activity on a regular basis can be a lot more effective than sweating out the perfect post once a month.

Do you have a dedicated base of successful clients? Make sure you tap into that group as well. Testimonials are a great addition to any law firm website. Some firms choose to focus on an individual quote as part of their website’s visual design. Others may have enough success stories to justify a whole page of testimonials. If you don’t have someone telling your story already, it’s time for some outreach.

Finally, make sure you’re leveraging your online ratings. Pay attention to how your firm is being represented on local review sites like Yelp and on Google business listings. If a member of your firm is profiled in a local “Best of…” publication or was named to the Super Lawyers listing, take advantage of the moment when it happens. Opportunities like these are a great way to highlight the individual personalities that make up your firm as a whole.

Remember that putting a human touch on your law firm doesn’t mean being overly casual. Nor does it mean dumping a generic message of empathy on the homepage. It means being honest and open about who you are and what you do for your clients. Simply being yourself will do far more for your firm’s approachability than any calculated marketing message.

Not sure where to begin? Why not brush up on the basics? Download Legal Marketing 101: A Guide for Small Law Firms for free.

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