A New Year. A Renewed Commitment.

In 2015, more so than ever before, FindLaw worked to ensure that our clients received the best performance and value for their marketing dollar. We did this by thoroughly preparing our clients for sweeping technology changes and introducing ever-more sophisticated performance monitoring. At the same time, we built upon and leveraged our unrivaled understanding of the legal consumer to help small law firms gain more business.

Before we get too far into 2016, I want to take a moment to reflect on the year that was and our commitment to our clients. Quite simply, we at FindLaw are dedicated to:

  • Ensuring that our clients’ marketing strategies are ready to compete, each and every day
  • Managing the day-to-day details of a complex digital marketing campaign
  • Providing our clients peace of mind for their businesses, so they’re free to do what they do best – practice law and serve their clients

To that end, here’s just a small sampling of what happened in 2015.

Keeping Pace With the Legal Marketing Industry
In April 2015, Google announced their intent to favor mobile-ready websites in search results, and FindLaw stepped into action. We tested every one of our customers’ websites to ensure compliance and if necessary, applied fixes. And it’s a good thing, because those that were not prepared, suffered. Adobe reports that sites that were not mobile-ready saw up to a 10 percent drop in organic SEO traffic. FindLaw website customers never missed a beat.

Standing Guard, Stepping in at the Slightest Hint of Trouble
In 2015, we rolled out a new monitoring and error checking tool across all customer websites. In a nutshell, if a FindLaw-managed site exhibits negative performance activity that departs significantly from expected norms, a member of our dedicated staff of Account Managers or Digital Marketing Strategists is alerted immediately to investigate. Additionally, our error checking tool scans for and proactively addresses technical errors that, if not caught, could add up and cause diminished performance over time. Our testing standards continually evolve, and our performance monitoring systems are always on, 24/7/365. Our clients trust their websites to us. They rest assured that FindLaw is on the job – watching the performance of their sites and taking action whenever necessary.

Understanding the Legal Consumer
Throughout the year, FindLaw leveraged its expansive reach to further what we know about legal consumers. Our annual consumer survey yielded fresh insights. At the same time, deep analysis of data from our flagship properties FindLaw.com, SuperLawyers.com and LawInfo.com painted an even more detailed picture of the people our clients serve. Finally, we merged that information with new targeted research in areas like law firm branding and client intake.

The result? Where other marketers rely on guesswork or limited observations, FindLaw uses the actions of millions and millions of legal consumers across the web. We use this data to guide our existing services as well as to define future solutions. Put simply, we know the legal consumer better than any other marketing vendor out there. And we love to put that knowledge to work for our clients.

Renewing our Commitment
Many of these activities probably went unnoticed by our own customers, and that’s ok. Sweating the details of algorithm changes and website performance isn’t everyone’s forte – but it is ours. When it comes to digital marketing, let us worry about the details. Your focus belongs on practicing law.

That’s the commitment we’re renewing in 2016: We’ll do our job so you can do yours. If that kind of partnership sounds good to you, let us know. We’d love to work with you in 2016.

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