5 degrees you don’t need: Findlaw covers what they didn’t teach you in law school

A row of law books, representing all of the studies you devoted to earning your law degree.

As an attorney, you went to law school to learn civil procedure, contract formation, and other fundamentals of practicing law. But in the modern world, your practice won’t thrive unless you make strategic efforts to put yourself in front of clients who are looking for help. That means if you don’t put the best digital marketing tools and techniques to work for you, you won’t have a practice for long, and they didn’t teach you the finer points of digital legal marketing when you were focusing on your J.D.

That being said, you don’t have to go back to school to become a digital legal marketing expert. We already are, and we can help you find success online without having to earn another college degree.

You don’t need a degree in Computer Science to build a mobile-responsive website

Gone are the days when a static, amateur-looking website would suffice. Today, a website like that tells consumers you’re second-rate and behind the times, and nobody wants that in their trusted legal advisor. And even if you trained to become an expert in web design and UX, no one else has put as much research and investment into the way consumers behave online as FindLaw has, and we have the results to show for it. We won over 50 national digital awards in 2020 for our eye-catching and engaging work, but what you don’t see on the page is just as important.

FindLaw’s websites are thoughtfully designed to provide the best user experience and are optimized for better search engine performance to position you in front of local consumers who are seeking and evaluating their legal options. Our team of expert designers, content creators, and legal marketers will work with you during the design and building process to create an attractive, high-performing website that encourages visitors to contact your firm. And while some other website hosts will charge extra for a mobile-friendly website, we make sure each and every website we build can be viewed and navigated easily on any device without any additional expense to you.

You don’t need a degree in Social Media Management to get the most out of your social profiles

Social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are very active sources of information and present great opportunities for brand-building. Law firms that use social media effectively employ it to show viewers who they are and what it’s like to work with them. Many law firms get off to a good start by using social media to bolster their digital footprint and maintain positive client relationships, but most eventually get pulled away by more pressing things on their to-do lists. FindLaw realizes that, and so has created two programs to make the power of social media available to time-strapped attorneys.

If your firm already has the basics in place, FindLaw’s Social Promotion option builds on what’s there with customized content and promotions that appeal to targeted client demographics, in either English or Spanish. For law firms who haven’t gotten off the ground yet, the Brand Advocate option goes further, building and implementing longer-term social media initiatives to find and cater to the most desirable prospective clients.

You don’t need an advanced degree in linguistics to serve Spanish-speaking clients

Spanish-speaking consumers are increasing in number, purchasing power, and influence. Even if some law firms have been slow to catch on to this trend, FindLaw hasn’t. Many of the solutions we provide in English are also available in our suite of Spanish-language options. Furthermore, we’ve studied how Spanish-speaking clients search for legal help and know what they tend to look for. That means that we can help you reach out and appeal directly to Spanish-speaking clients who you might not have been able to help adequately otherwise. This could open up an entirely new line of revenue for your firm, and more importantly, build your reputation.

You don’t need to have a bachelor’s in digital marketing to utilize PPC ads

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is often appealing to law firms that are hesitant to begin investing in marketing because they only pay for the times someone actually interacts with your ad. This can provide them with a clear cost-benefit analysis. PPC may sound simple, but there’s an art to it. It’s a popular and well-established digital marketing technique, so tossing something up online and hoping it does the trick isn’t a strategy.

The finer points of PPC copy, placement, and targeting really do matter, and FindLaw stays on top of them. We build and implement PPC campaigns for attorneys and law firms with practice area, geographic market, and end goals in mind. Because we work only with attorneys, we’re better than anyone at figuring out how to use PPC for a law firm’s benefit.

You don’t need an English literature degree to get engaging content on your website

Lawyers know how to write, but typically, those skills and writing talents are spent on legal briefs, memoranda, and correspondence with clients. Writing engaging website copy or blog posts is a different game entirely, especially if that content needs to attract the attention of search engines and inspire viewers to contact you.

FindLaw’s content marketing experts are professional writers who know how to catch the eyes and minds of potentials clients. More importantly, making regular updates to your law firm’s page can boost your position in search engine results and get your site in front of more people who may be interested in your services. By working with us, you free yourself up to do the kind of writing that gets you paid.

Ultimately, the bottom line is that you’re plenty smart – after all, you earned that law license. In some cases, like digital legal marketing, the smartest thing you can do may be to get an expert to do it for you so you can focus on serving your clients.

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