4 Ways to Improve Your Law Firm Client Intake Using Prospect Manager

4 Ways to Improve Your Law Firm Client Intake Using Prospect Manager

Business is easier when you simplify and organize. That includes your intake.

Generating new business doesn’t always require more marketing or more time spent away from clients. It could be a change in your intake practices that does the trick. That’s why FindLaw introduced Prospect Manager, software created to increase your conversion rate through better intake.

Efficient intake means less potential clients falling through the cracks, a quicker response to new messages and a more transparent process from prospect to client. Prospect Manager consolidates all the communications your firm has with a legal consumer into one platform.

1. Less repetition

Prospect Manager software allows you to log a new potential client that contacts you then assign administrative tasks to everyone in your firm. New information is added after every conversation until that prospect becomes a client so their journey is meticulously tracked at every step of the way.

If you’ve interacted with a person more than once, the last thing they want is to repeat everything they said in the last conversation. FindLaw’s software provides one place to store all that information so you can avoid repetition and provide a better client experience.

2. Better conversations

FindLaw research found that while attorneys excel at the law, their communication with prospects was not up to par. When a new prospect emails, 40 percent of law firms take more than 24 hours to respond. On top of that, 97 percent of attorneys don’t follow up with a potential client a second time.

3. Optimized marketing

Intake tracking has multiple benefits for your law firm, not least of which is converting more calls into clients. The software also allows you to understand more about your marketing efforts. Potential clients find your law firm through different channels including your website, a legal directory or a referral from a former client. You can track how each caller found your firm, helping you know how best to plan your future marketing budget by calculating your ROI.

4. Customized intake

Law firms aren’t one size fits all. Neither is prospect manager. You can customize your intake questions to ensure that your law firm is collecting and recording the information that your attorneys need. That way you’ll never ask a prospect the same question twice.

You can assign tasks with Prospect manager’s personalized task list. From a return phone call to collecting information to emailing a contract, you’ll now know who’s assigned to what and when it was done.

Don’t worry. You won’t be left alone.

Implementing new software isn’t easy. Even though the software is cloud-based and requires no installation, you’ll likely still have questions about how to most effectively implement Prospect Manager at your firm. That’s why comes with a dedicated Implementation Manager team to answer any questions you have about your intake solution.

Your specialist will guide you through the setup of your new software to ensure that Prospect Manager is fully optimized. From there, they will provide any assistance you may need such as additional training at no additional cost.

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