4 reasons to start advertising your law firm with Google

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According to Statista, more than 88% of people worldwide use Google to search online, and according to our own research, 62% of legal consumers who look for a lawyer online use a search engine. Appearing in the search engine results for those consumers is vital to bringing in new business.

But getting in the search results organically for the keywords you want can take time, and with some searches you may not be able to compete with only a law firm website. In situations like these, you may want to advertise your law firm with Google.

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising using Google Ads allows you to do this. With a Google Ad, your firm can be placed at the top of the search results, directly in the sight of potential clients. There are four key reasons this type of advertising can benefit your firm.

1. Get in front of the right legal consumers, at the right time

Google Ads allows you to bid on specific keywords. This means that you can choose keywords and terms that you know your potential clients are using when looking to hire a lawyer like you. For example, if you are a personal injury attorney in Tampa, you may want to bid on a keyword like “car accident attorney Tampa” to place your ad in front of consumers in your area who need your services.

2. Guide them to contact you with a custom web page

You can choose whatever page on your site you want to point users to with your Google Ad. While some people choose to send users to their website’s home page, it is better to point them to a specific page you create that is tailored to the keyword and practice area. This is known as a “landing page.”

A custom landing page allows you to include only information that is relevant to that consumer’s needs. It also allows you to limit the number of links on the page to drive them to use the most important link: the one where they contact you.

3. Easily advertise to clients in different locations

In the organic search results, Google makes it difficult to appear in multiple geographic locations. Often, Google will display your site in searches if your firm has a brick and mortar office in that location. With paid advertising, however, you can appear in the searches you choose. This can allow you to target potential clients in any area you serve.

4. Clear results on your PPC campaigns

With some types of advertising, it can be difficult to know if you are getting a strong return on your investment. For instance, how would you know if your billboard from three years ago was the reason a person contacted your firm today?

With PPC advertising, however, you can directly see how many people clicked on your ad. If you used a customized landing page, you can also see who took action and contacted you. This can allow you to adjust and tailor your advertising to make sure you are getting the most bang for your buck online.

Creating a landing page, bidding on keywords, and managing your PPC campaigns are not things you need to handle on your own. A PPC expert can help you. Contact us for a free quote today.

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