4 Keys To Your Law Firm’s Organic Social Media Success

Many of the law firms I work with are able to drive hundreds of visitors to their websites each month using social media. Would you like to know how they’re doing it?

Like all of your digital marketing efforts, it’s important to understand both the organic and paid sides of social media. This post offers four concrete recommendations to build your law practice’s brand through organic social media posting. Next week, we’ll talk about how to leverage paid social media advertising.

1. Think of your social media posts like introducing yourself at a gathering.
What would you say to someone you’ve just met in person? What stories would you tell? What information would you share about your practice? Those are the same kinds of things you should post to social media. Be sure to use the same tone that you would use when talking to a person in your office or at a dinner party.

2. Be authentic.
Your social media posts should give readers a window into your law firm. Consider sharing information about your background, perhaps even explain why you got into practicing law in the first place. You might also talk about the kinds of cases you really enjoy working on or current events that are relevant to your practice.

3. Make a personal connection.
Readers on social media want to get to know your law firm through your posts. When something exciting happens, share it. Posts about major life events like weddings or babies being born can give your social media pages a more personal touch.

4. Make your posts visually interesting.
Whenever possible, include an image with your updates. For example, if you’re posting a personal update such as someone’s recent wedding, consider including a photo from that wedding. If you are updating your followers about your office location, a picture of your building or signpost might be appropriate.

For many attorneys, the task of building a presence on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can seem daunting. However, if done correctly you can reap significant benefits.

These guidelines will get help you develop your social presence to begin positioning yourself as a trusted authority in your community. However, to truly take advantage of social media, you also need to understand paid advertising.

Social media sites have massive amounts of data about their users. Next week I’ll tell you how to take advantage of that data through paid social advertising.

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