4 benefits of having a mobile responsive website for your firm

Mobile-responsive website on desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone.

Remember before smartphones? All you needed to worry about was how your firm’s website looked on a desktop computer. But, after mobile hit the scene, law firms quickly realized they needed to account for two different kinds of searchers – which effectively meant they had to create and manage two different sites.

To reach legal consumers who are using smartphones, tablets, and whatever technology tomorrow brings, it’s more important than ever that your site be viewable and fully functional regardless of the device. Thankfully, there’s a one-size-fits-all solution known as responsive design.

What is responsive design?

Responsive design technology enables your website to automatically expand and contract based on a user’s screen size or device. Websites that use this technology maintain uniformity and compatibility with all devices.

There are many reasons why law firms should consider incorporating responsive design. Below are four key benefits.

1. Happy users

You’ve likely encountered websites that aren’t mobile responsive. How much time did you waste pinching, zooming in, and dragging before you gave up and abandoned the site in frustration? According to the 2019 Thomson Reuters U.S. Consumer Legal Needs Survey, 55% of legal consumers who searched for an attorney or law firm online used a mobile phone and 30% used a tablet. The takeaway: If your website isn’t optimized for mobile, you aren’t likely to win over the growing number of legal consumers who prefer their smartphones over their desktops.

Responsive sites provide a better user experience, and the benefits to your law firm’s website are two-fold. First, the better experience a user has on your site, the more time they’re likely to spend on it learning about your services and why they should hire you. And secondly, Google’s ranking algorithm factors in the amount of time users spend on your site. So, being user friendly and getting potential clients to stick around matters for larger visibility on search engines.

2. More site visitors

According to Google, more than 60% of U.S. internet visits are conducted on mobile devices. In an effort to ensure they return search results that best meet users’ needs, search engines like Google favor websites that are mobile-friendly – helping your site rank better than your competitors who haven’t embraced this technology. All this can translate into more traffic to your site and more potential clients calling your firm.

3. Save time and money

Having separate desktop and mobile versions of your website is cumbersome, makes your site more prone to errors, and provides a confusing user experience. Additionally, having two versions means more expense as you must pay for separate builds and maintenance – time and money that you could be putting back into your firm.

4.Better load time

In today’s fast-paced mobile environment, most people won’t waste their time if a website takes too long to load. In fact, according to Google, more than 50% of website visitors will abandon a site that takes more than three seconds to load. The good news is that responsive websites typically load faster on all devices. Additionally, load time is another critical ranking factor that search engines take into consideration so, the faster your site loads the better your visibility.

If you’re still maintaining two versions of your website – or worse, only a desktop version – you’re alienating a large and growing segment of legal consumers, a percentage of whom could be your next clients. Take the next step and learn more about how responsive design can benefit your firm.

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