3 Ways to Satisfy Mobile Attorney-Seekers

As we’ve noted before, more and more consumers are using mobile devices—smartphones and tablets—to search for attorneys.

In fact, according to our recently released white paper, 31 percent of traffic to law firm websites comes through mobile search. The white paper also notes that what’s driving much of this traffic is what it calls “local-mobile search.” That term would describe, for instance, someone at a neighborhood coffeehouse using her iPhone to find a divorce attorney near her home.

That means you need to have your website optimized for mobile searches. An optimized website loads quickly on a consumer’s mobile device, displays properly, and is designed in a way that engages and meets the needs of consumers. Conversely, a poor mobile experience often results in the visitor “bouncing”— that is, leaving the site and searching elsewhere.

With that in mind, here are three key strategies for making sure mobile users aren’t bouncing off your site:

  • Make your website mobile-ready. To state the painfully obvious: Mobile device screens are smaller than desktops. You’ve most likely had the experience of looking up a business on your own mobile phone, only to have the desktop version of its website appear. It’s unwieldy on a small screen, and probably caused you to quickly abandon the site. Don’t let that happen to your firm: Set up a mobile version of your website.
  • Understand how mobile users behave. They’re not casual web surfers. Mobile users have a specific goal in mind, whether that’s locating the closest Thai restaurant or finding a local attorney to handle their needs. As the white paper puts it, they’re in “get-it-done” mode. To reach these consumers, your mobile site needs to eliminate or subordinate any features and content that make it harder for them to get the information about your firm that will help them make a decision.
  • Identify and prioritize desired actions. And what is typically the most desired action? To call your firm. Your mobile website needs to make that as easy to do as possible. It should include a succinct description of your firm and its services, easy ways to contact you by phone and email and a touchable button that leads the user to driving directions.

We’re entering a new world of information discovery—a mobile world. Law firms need to make sure they can be found there. Download the white paper to learn how.

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