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Convenience matters

FindLaw is your one-stop digital partner to market your law firm.

Proven ROI matters

FindLaw delivers 3x more contacts with established marketing solutions.

Experience matters

For more than 25 years, thousands of law firms have trusted FindLaw with their marketing.

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Mobile-friendly websites

FindLaw’s award-winning websites are designed for mobile and desktop — and optimized by our experts.

Legal directories

The Thomson Reuters network of legal directories gives your firm prominent visibility.

Web marketing packages

FindLaw offers a range of marketing programs to fit your business needs for where you are right now and where you plan to go.

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Quickly get your complimentary online report and see how strong your firm’s website is — and identify potential problem areas.

“Our future is with FindLaw. I don’t stress about my business because I am partnered with a company who has my best interest at heart.“

Dolores Contreras

Contreras Law Firm

“We depend upon FindLaw. It’s the lifeblood of our firm. Without them I would be in a world of hurt in this practice.”

Michael J. Bononi

Bononi Law Group LLP

“The number one reason we stay with FindLaw is simple: dollars and sense. We feel the product that we received is of the highest quality, and the results speak for themselves.”

Howard Shapiro

The Shapiro Law Firm

“I went to school to be an attorney, not a website developer. Partnering with FindLaw took that pressure off me. I noticed a huge difference in cases after FindLaw took over and built my website.”

Lauren Clark

Lauren Clark Law Office

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