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Print advertising alone isn’t enough.

Search engines have surpassed print Yellow Pages and directories as the leading source for local business information1. Only 13 percent of consumers ages 25-34 and 24 percent of those ages 35-44 cite print Yellow Pages as their primary source2.

Your best prospects—and your best competitors—are online. You need to be, too. Ensure that your firm has an effective online presence you can be proud of. Be found online.

Online advertising attracts measurable referrals. Websites and online advertising allow real-time measurement of visitor activities such as page views, clicks, and time spent viewing content. You know immediately how your online advertising investment is paying off.

Online activity continues to grow. You can’t grow your practice with declining media. Search engines are used by 73% of consumers when seeking local products and services – more than any other media type3. Attract the right clients and cases with a website and online-marketing program from FindLaw.