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Your Traffic Report is Lying to You

Which would you prefer? 10,000 new visits to your firm’s website or page one ranking on Google? Either would create a nice bump for your website analytics, but what about your bottom line? The truth is, if you’re only looking at your website’s traffic, you’re being misled.

Listen to the presentation to learn some of the most common web traffic pitfalls attorneys face and how to overcome them.

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A Video is Worth 60,000 Words

Did you know that the human brain processes visual data up to 60,000 times faster than text or that the average person spends roughly 23 minutes watching Internet video each day? That’s 12 percent of average daily online time spent on something most law firms don’t use.

One this webcast, we’ll outline the landscape of online video, show you what it looks like when its done right and give you valuable tips on where video can fit into your overall marketing plan.

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