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How to Gain Exposure for your Firm in a Crowded Marketplace

It’s a challenge to stay ahead of all the shifts within the legal marketing landscape and get your firm in front of legal consumers. So how do you know what’s the most effective way to bring clients to your door? And better yet, how do you find the time to do it?

A .law Boom?

New .law domains are available to verified legal entities everywhere. So whether your current website address is an integral part of your branding or you’re looking for a new opportunity in online marketing, this webcast is a must-see event.

4 Pay-per-click Advertising Strategies For Law Firms

PPC advertising is far more sophisticated than most attorneys realize. Want to learn more? Register for this event to discover what really goes into a successful pay-per-click ad and the four ways your law firm can use PPC to support your broader marketing strategy to bring in more qualified clients.

A Video is Worth 60,000 Words

On this webcast, we’ll outline the landscape of online video, show you what it looks like when its done right and give you valuable tips on where video can fit into your overall marketing plan.

The Future of Advertising

The future of advertising is your ad, in front of your future clients, in a format that fits their lifestyles. Join us to discover why concepts like mobile ads, retargeting, personalization and opt-in advertising makes better business sense for you and a better customer experience for your clients.

Don’t Let Your Brand Go To Waste

Your law firm’s brand is more valuable than you think. You might think of your firm as a trusted and reputable business, and to a potential client, you’re simple one of many equally vague options. Aligning these two perceptions – and reaping the business benefits therein – often comes down to one of the most marginalized assets a law firm has: its brand.