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FindLaw Conversion Optimization

Transform Passive Visitors into Active Clients

Of all the options to consider with your law firm website, conversion optimization might be the most important.

What is conversion? It’s the process of turning website visitors into clients. FindLaw Conversion Solutions provides a user-friendly suite of services that helps you transform potential clients who check out your site into high-value connections for your law firm.


One key to improving conversion is to engage visitors before they leave your website. Conversion Solutions offers tools to help you accomplish that:

Email Connect delivers a more detailed contact form email and leverages an outbound call to stop the shopping and keep prospective clients engaged. The outbound call service is only attempted on FindLaw contact form submissions.

WebChat Connect provides 24/7 chat coverage for your website. Users connect with an operator representing your firm who collects key issue and contact information and then passes this data on to you. WebChat Connect also allows you to make immediate phone connections with the most engaged contacts through hot transfer, according to hours and criteria that you define.

In addition, you’ll receive access to Contact Advisor, FindLaw’s contact management dashboard. Contact Advisor provides chat transcripts, at-a-glance contact information and demographic data on each prospect, and more — allowing you to evaluate and make an informed decision about each prospect.

Voice Connect offers up to 24/7/365 phone coverage, providing tools to give you full control. After dialing a FindLaw Call Tracking number on your website, FindLaw Profile or any additional online property, callers are greeted with an interactive voice response message. With the service, each caller can transfer directly to a number you designate or speak with an operator who collects key issue and contact details.

Tangible Benefits

FindLaw’s Conversion Solutions provides you with:

More engaged prospects

  • Greater yield from existing traffic-generating activities
  • Proactive communication that encourages contact

 Better prospects

  • Improved engagement quality through intake qualification
  • A more positive customer experience through immediate response

 Improved efficiencies

  • Reduces prescreening activities

 Knowledge to act

  • Data and analytics that empower you to make informed decisions

What Attorneys Are Saying

The Bottom Line

FindLaw Conversion Optimization Solutions can make a powerful impact on your law firm’s Internet marketing program.

Contact us for a free consultation to learn how FindLaw’s Conversion Solution can benefit you law firm’s marketing strategy today. Or to learn more, see our e-Guide.

Visit our e-Guide to learn how Findlaw's conversion solutions products can work for your firm.

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