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Lead Generation Services

Generate High Quality Leads At A Competitive Price

Lead generation by FindLaw

Finding new business doesn’t have to be a struggle. FindLaw’s Lead Generation Service provides law firms like yours with targeted campaigns designed to provide competitively priced, highly qualified leads.

We also follow a time-tested process that’s as simple as it is effective. We first consult with you to zero-in on an area of legal need. Then we custom-tailor a campaign around that need, using everything from online tools to affiliate networks, FindLaw Web properties, television ads and more.

Next, our state-of-the-art management system validates each new lead using the campaign’s predefined criteria.

The final step: We provide you with qualified leads. The leads only go to your firm — and we only deliver them in a quantity and pace that your firm can handle.

To learn more how FindLaw can help your firm generate leads, contact us for a free consultation.