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Social Promotion Service

Content Promotion that Delivers Consistent Results

FindLaw’s Social Promotion Service combines custom content with paid social advertising to get you in front of the legal consumers you’re trying to reach. If you’re challenged with getting people to view your blog or need great content that positions you as a trusted advisor, this monthly content promotion package will help accelerate your marketing efforts in three key ways.

Build Awareness

Make your law firm visible to a targeted audience. By putting great content in front of people who are most likely to be interested in that content, you can heighten your firm’s brand awareness and increase your chances of being contacted.

Foster Engagement

Paid social advertising leads to likes, shares and comments. This kind of engagement builds your firm’s credibility with your audience because these social engagements are seen as “mini-referrals” by other potential clients.

Drive Referrals

Social Promotion Service leads to a boost in your overall website performance because it drives traffic to the site. When readers click on the paid social advertisement, they see blog content designed to demonstrate your firm’s expertise.

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