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Law Firm Social Media

Helping You Make the Most of Your Social Media Presence

Social media is the new “word-of-mouth.” With the number of social media users skyrocketing to more than 800 million at the end of 2011*, now is the time to leverage these platforms to broaden your law firm’s reach and drive greater online visibility.

FindLaw’s Social Media Marketing Solutions extend your firm’s online footprint and allow you to positively influence word of mouth in a new and powerful way. Our social media tools, training and services enable efficient and effective social media marketing. And since social media is a highly dynamic environment, FindLaw will continue to research and implement effective and sustainable ways of delivering value.

Keeping You Informed in a Changing Marketplace

Social media is continuously evolving. To keep you on the cutting edge of industry thinking and best practices, FindLaw provides an ongoing training program designed to enable effective social media activity.

Our Social Media Training website houses product information and frequently asked questions, as well as a repository of articles that cover topics such as:

  • Best practices for writing legal social media content
  • Attorney reputation management recommendations
  • Attorney social media profile maintenance

We will also keep you well informed regarding the latest developments in this exciting online marketing space, and will provide up-to-date and channel-specific guidance for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.

Do I Need Social Media?

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*Source: Social Media Examiner, November 2011