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Get Quality Leads from a Performance Managed
Niche Website

FirmTarget by FindLawFirmTarget provides you with another way to target specific practice areas in specific geographic locations, such as car accident injury law in Kansas City, Missouri.

Think of it as a separate, focused site that concentrates on a single type of client. FirmTarget builds websites catered to these practice areas and locations, and then funnels the leads to your firm.

FirmTarget + Your Website

Your current website is important. It provides information on you, your firm and all of your various offerings. Many clients will find and retain you through that website.

FirmTarget is a second, focused path through the crowd that leads clients to your door. Think of it as another piece of online real estate to deliver you the clients that want the legal services your firm provides. The best part? FindLaw operates the entire site’s presence so you don’t have to worry about the mechanics of running another Web property.

How It Works

We put together all of our best talent to support FirmTarget sites, from search engine optimization specialists, to web design gurus and even our Google accredited AdWords team.

Then we build the site, and the support team goes to work to drive visitors to it. We then gather actionable contact information from interested leads and present that information to you through Contact Advisor, a contact management dashboard.

Contact us today to discuss our FirmTarget offering as well as all of our other great lawyer marketing products.