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Television & Media Services

Our advertising experts know how to craft custom TV commercials, buy media time and track the success of your campaigns. They have years of experience with integrated programs that harness the power of traditional and new media. And they understand how to create direct consumer responses that attract the right types of leads.

Maximum Visibility and Influence

How potent is that combination of online and TV advertising? Consider:

  • 96.7 percent of U.S. households have TV sets, and Americans watch more than four hours of television each day1
  • Last year, 240 million people used the Internet, and 62 million of them had a legal need2
  • 77 percent of all TV viewers watch TV with another device in hand3

Put it all together, and you come up with an equally eye-opening figure: Combining TV advertising with online efforts increases the chances of landing a client by more than 50 percent.4

One Provider, Multiple Services

Beyond TV Media Services allows you to reach prospects through a network of powerful options.

Our offline media capabilities include:

  • High production quality and call-to-action messaging
  • Proprietary media buying formulas
  • Real-time lead-tracking
  • Radio advertising campaigns
  • All services offered in Spanish

But there’s more to it. Work with FindLaw and you build a relationship with a partner that understands your unique needs. And that’s a powerful way to ensure your marketing strategies are cohesive and coordinated across multiple channels.

Find out more about using radio.

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4Internet Advertising Bureau (2012)