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E-Mail Solutions

FindLaw provides robust, full-featured, and dependable e-mail services. You get all the features your firm needs to communicate effectively and reliably with clients and colleagues, plus the tools and technology to set up and manage your accounts effectively.

FindLaw E-Mail Solutions Provide:

  • POP3 allows a user to access messages within a standard e-mail client or remotely through any Web browser (password protected)
  • Custom addresses match your domain name (e.g. to match
  • 25GB of storage per mailbox
  • Send up to 50MB attachments
  • Customized e-mail filtering
  • IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol)
  • Allows e-mail message access and management from more than one computer
  • Allows connections to mailbox from multiple computers (Home, Office, and PDA for example)
  • Allows mail programs to keep inbox, sent, and deleted items (and other folders) synchronized across multiple e-mail programs (Home, Office, and PDA for example)

E-mail Setup Guides

We offer shared calendering functionality via the webmail interface only.

For more instructions on webmail shared calendering, please call FindLaw Tech Services if you have a current website or e-mail subscription at 800-455-4565 x45434.

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