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Marketing your law firm in today’s digital world can be a complicated endeavor for any attorney. Between websites, SEO and online ads, there’s no shortage of valuable yet unfamiliar options to reach prospective clients. That’s why FindLaw’s “Learn About Law Firm Marketing” resource is here to make sense of it all and save you time.

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Do you understand legal consumers? Like any business, a law firm needs to know its customers. Using insights into the motivations and typical behaviors of consumers, law firms like yours can increase their chances of gaining prospective clients.

Chances are you lost a potential client in the past week. It’s not because your website failed to attract visitors or that a lone, negative online review dissuaded an inquiring consumer. The problem lies with your intake process, and your firm is not alone.

Most lawyers believe that branding stops at the design stage – that all you need is an attractive logo or catchy slogan. Such a limited view causes these firms to leave one of their most powerful marketing assets untapped.

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