Meet Melissa Oehler

Austin Attorney Website Marketing Consultant

Melissa Oehler was a Sales Rep and Sales Manager for 5 years working with the CPA market in Central Texas and the SE USA. Prior to that, she worked for 15 years with the real estate and legal market as a consultant and sales rep. She has her finger on the pulse of Austin’s economy and the legal market in particular, and she has the Internet marketing expertise to translate that pulse in a concise, accurate plan of what you can do to start exploiting the Internet to access that market, getting more clients walking through your doors. “I care about my customers and I find great satisfaction in seeing them thrive in their area of law. I become a part of their team and they see me as a team member, consultant and their “go to” person,” Melissa says.

The most important thing you can understand about Melissa is that, while she does build Internet marketing plans that center on FindLaw’s toolset, it’s not because she’s a salesperson for FindLaw. Melissa is a true consultant who dives into your business, assessing your current status, jotting down your goals, and learning what your biggest assets, biggest obstacles, and best-case scenarios all look like. Do you want to grow in size? Do you want to expand revenue without growing in size? Do you want more cases to work, or do you already have a full-up caseload and you need to get higher quality cases to work?

Website Marketing: It’s a Modern Lawyer’s Best Tool

Melissa will sit down and talk to you about several facets of Internet marketing, like:

  • Search engine optimization (attorney SEO); attaining higher visibility in the search engine results.
  • Pay-per-click search advertising (PPC).
  • Social media marketing and its adjunct, blogging.
  • Legal directory and lawyer directory marketing.
  • Award winning law firm websites (FirmSites)
  • Much more…

Melissa will show you how each of those areas focuses on a single, all-consuming goal; to get people who need your services to see your website. Then all you need is a website that can turn visitors into clients. That’s where FindLaw’s central service, the FirmSite, comes in. Melissa will explain the whole thing at your first meeting, when she’ll learn everything she needs to know to write up a marketing plan that can get you meeting your goals. If, at the second meeting, you agree to hire Melissa and FindLaw, you’ll find that you have a dedicated partner for as long as you want her — someone to help you go over the numbers, tweak your approach to maximize your ROI, and keep you apprised of any shifts within the market that you’ll have to adapt to.

Contact Austin Lawyer Website Marketing Consultant Melissa Oehler today at 855-281-8869 for FREE consultation. Or obtain a website performance examination using our complimentary online audit tool.

FindLaw Client Development Consultant John Albertson provides FirmSite products and additional law firm marketing solutions for attorneys in the Austin Texas area, including Austin, Pflugerville, Bee Caves, Dripping Springs, New Braunfels, Del Valle, San Marcos, Kyle, Buda, Travis County, Williamson County, Hays County, and surrounding TX communities.

John Albertson Jr.

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John Albertson consults with law firms in the Austin area to develop customized Legal Web marketing solutions that grow their business while fitting their budget. John knows the competitive landscape of the area. If you are interested in learning how you can stay competitive with your online marketing, please contact John today for a free consultation.

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