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The Futility of Chasing Silver Bullets

What Search Techniques Unlock Law Firm Website Success?

The Futility of chasing the Silver Bullets Many law firms see achieving top search engine rankings as a silver bullet — a magic tool that will deliver a steady flow of business. But are specific phrases such as “Boston personal injury attorney” or “Miami DUI lawyer” really the key to online marketing success?

A 2013 FindLaw study examined that question by analyzing search-generated traffic to thousands of law firm websites. The results will surprise you.

This white paper will sharpen your understanding of online search. After reading it, you will:

  • gain clear insight into how consumers search for law firms
  • recognize the search phrases that actually drive traffic to websites
  • understand the techniques and approaches that provide the most ROI for your online marketing dollar

Gain clear insights to recognize key search phrases that provide the maximum ROI!

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