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What does FindLaw do?

FindLaw builds custom attorney websites and law firm marketingprograms that attract the right clients for each firm. Services include:

Our expert teams of legal marketers have developed and maintained websites exclusively for law firms and lawyers for more than 10 years.

FindLaw also owns the most-searched and most-visited resource for expert and peer-to-peer legal information online. includes:

  • Content for consumers about legal questions and concerns
  • The FindLaw Lawyer Directory, a searchable guide to attorneys in all practice areas
  • Creative advertising opportunities for lawyers and law firms

Who creates the websites for FindLaw clients?

FindLaw has the legal-marketing industry’s largest team of online marketing experts. Our team includes:

  • Local Consultants who know local and regional legal-business landscapes, and guide FindLaw clients’ online-marketing planning.
  • Editors and writers who understand law firms and law practices, and how to write to attract the attention of consumers in need of legal services.
  • Search engine optimization and marketing specialists who ensure FindLaw-developed law firm websites continue to rank well in online searches over time.

Every FindLaw website client also has an account manager who provides ongoing support after the site launches.

How is FindLaw different?

FindLaw is the top provider of law firm and lawyer websites. We offer:

  1. The legal marketing industry’s largest team of experts focused exclusively on effective online marketing for lawyers and law firms: Our staff already knows your business. Learn more >>
  2. Local consultants in every U.S. state who know the legal market and competitive landscape in your city or region, and can create a plan for you to succeed online. Find your consultant now.
  3. Account managers who stay focused on your website’s performance and answer your questions after your site launches.
  4. A dedicated focus on law firm marketing. We do not work in any other business category.
  5. Content expertise. As the owners of, the industry’s largest resource of expert legal information, we can help you keep your law firm website fresh and relevant with custom or syndicated content.

How long has FindLaw been in business?

FindLaw was founded in 1996. Since 2001, we have been a business unit of Thomson Reuters, the world’s leading source of intelligent information for businesses and professionals. FindLaw is the largest and oldest business focused exclusively on creating websites and online marketing solutions for law firms. Learn more >>

Is FindLaw part of Westlaw?

FindLaw and West are both business units of Thomson Reuters. “Westlaw” is the name of West’s online legal research service.

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