What is FindLaw Video all about? It is about helping our FindLaw customers
make a personal connection with their potential clients before they meet them.
More than a website or newsletter, a professional video allows a law firm to
communicate beyond their basic message — it also represents an
opportunity to showcase a firm’s personality and expertise.

FindLaw Video
is much more than web content. Rather, it is an important part of the
overall law firm marketing approach. Each FindLaw Video is unique to the firm.
Our team of video specialists helps to create a video that is dynamic,
professional and clearly conveys the message of the firm.

Every firm has a story to tell. Why not do it in the most impactful way

A lawyer video brings a law practice to life online, and FindLaw can help
every step of the way, including: concept and messaging development, full production
and videography, editing, distribution and search engine optimization.

FindLaw provides the complete video solution. There are various production
options when it comes to making the video, ensuring that the final product is
exactly what the firm is looking for. In
addition to high-quality production, videos need effective Web placement to
produce the most dynamic results.

FindLaw Video does just that, giving videos
high-impact exposure on third-party sites like YouTube and exclusive placement
on FindLaw.com. Whether FindLaw produced or customer provided, FindLaw Video
offers services that provide valuable visibility for videos across the web.

Simply put, FindLaw video is an effective way to portray a
law firm at a low cost per view, and it delivers a more memorable message
than print or other static media. In addition to customers making a personal
connection, video allows firms to convey information that potential clients are
seeking resulting in more qualified leads. Take a look at some of our best FindLaw videos today!

— Jim Schonrock, Senior Director, Marketing
with Laura Strachan, FindLaw Audience Team

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