Want to stay up-to-date on all aspects of major legal news and your legal career and also enjoy reading about it too? Well then our collection of Legal Professional blogs is for you. Ranging from the entertaining to the informative, we have blogs written on both the national and circuit-based level to give you the legal perspective you are looking for.

Our four national Legal Professional blogs not only cover major legal news and happenings, but also cover important topics such as: legal technology, legal marketing, the business of law, life as a young associate and many other areas of the law and life as a legal professional. Our team of writers share their legal experiences, review new products and reach out to industry experts to report on the latest trends and tips for you.

Our blogs don’t read like a legal brief, they read like a well-informed (and always entertaining) blog. Written by lawyers for legal professionals, our blogs provide the information you are looking for in 500 words or less.

With 4 national Legal Professional blogs and 15 jurisdictional blogs, our coverage is tailored to the blog you are reading. For instance, you may read about the major details of a recent Supreme Court opinion on a national Legal Professional blog and then read about how it will affect your practice on the circuit blog written for the courts you practice in. No two blogs are alike.

Updated multiple times per week, check out our Legal Professional blogs today! Read a blog or two with your morning coffee, or enjoy the entertainment of a national blog as a break, we promise you will enjoy them — and learn a thing or two in the process.

— Kevin Ahlvin, Director, Business Marketing
with Laura Strachan, FindLaw Audience Team

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