With more than a million pages of legal content, from case law to consumer legal information, it is easy to see why FindLaw.com is the number one online legal resource. Putting all this information in an easy to access location requires a lot of complex technology and behind the scenes coordination. Located in California’s Silicon Valley, FindLaw.com is at the
epicenter of technological innovation. The advanced systems that power the site
represent the latest and best of what local-technology companies have to offer.

Much more than just powering a website, the technology behind FindLaw.com is responsible for creating and maintaining both internal and customer facing systems. Some of the
hardware that makes FindLaw.com possible includes: F5 BigIP LTM Load Balancers,
Network Appliance F3160 HA cluster, Dell M1000e blade chassis populated with
M605 and M600 blades, Sun Fire x4150 servers for VMWare, and Sun Fire x4140
servers for Oracle RAC 10g cluster.

If this reads like a foreign language to you, you are not
alone. Luckily FindLaw.com
has a wonderful technology team
that puts all of the pieces of the puzzle
together to produce the seamless website everyone relies on.

Whether visitors are technologically well versed or not as skilled, it is still easy to appreciate the many working parts that go into powering FindLaw.com, as well as the countless online
sources and opportunities the site provides clients. FindLaw.com is constantly
expanding and FindLaw’s Lawyer Marketing is always creating new product
suites to offer our current and potential clients. Thankfully, we have the
right technology to keep up with FindLaw.com’s innovative approach to
delivering legal content and serving clients.

— Kevin Ahlvin, Director, Audience
with Laura Strachan, FindLaw Portal Team

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