Trying to be everything to everyone can lead you down the wrong path. That’s especially true when it comes to online marketing.

In order to target potential clients, you’ll need to get to know your audience better. Once you identify your target audience and get an idea of what it’s looking for, you’ll be able to produce engaging content that’s relevant to its needs. Below, you’ll find two ways to help you better understand your client base.

Know how your audience searches.

You probably have a good idea of the kind of prospective clients you’d like to attract. One of the first steps in reaching your target audience is determining how it’s searching for you. This step is important because if you and potential clients aren’t on the same page, you may miss a connection. For example, while personal injury attorneys may call it a “car wreck,” many prospective clients enter queries that include the phrase “car accident attorneys” when searching.

To get into the mindset of non-lawyers, think about how you speak differently to a client rather than a fellow lawyer about the intricacies of a case. When speaking to a client, you probably use terms that are concise and easy to digest. The same goes for search. When you build your search marketing around keywords non-lawyers don’t typically use, you undermine your firm’s chances of being found.

Know what they need.

It’s not only how potential clients search that’s important, but what they’re searching for as well. Think about what it would take to get a potential client to call your firm.

Your target audience has different needs than other target audiences. Get an idea of the specific needs of your audience and then sculpt your marketing approach around them. For example, an attorney in a low-income area will be more successful with a banner that says “Free Consultation” rather than one that lists the attorney’s Ivy League credentials.

Finally, don’t give up if your initial strategy doesn’t immediately produce the desired results. Marketing isn’t an exact science, especially when it comes to understanding your audience. A certain amount of trial and error is in order. Keep at it and you’ll get to know your audience in no time.

If you have further questions about understanding your target audience or if you’d like to expand your firm’s online presence, you should contact your local lawyer marketing consultant.

Mark Jacobsen, Senior Director, Strategic Development and Thought Leadership
with Corey Licht, FindLaw Audience Team

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