The web is often the first place potential clients go to look for representation. Firms can capitalize on this growing trend by taking advantage of Google’s AdWords paid search advertising. If implemented correctly, online advertising allows firms to target potential clients, deliver customized messages, and quickly build their client base.

In order to see results, however, attorneys and firms need to familiarize themselves with the program’s unique rules for proper use. If you’re not sure how the program works or you’re looking to brush up on your AdWords skills, you should tune into FindLaw’s upcoming webcast, “Google Ads That Work: What Every Lawyer Should Know,” on Wednesday, April 24th.

There are a couple ways to improve your online visibility: organic SEO and paid advertising. While natural SEO practices can help boost your website’s ranking, the practices demand regular attention to your site’s content and can take a considerable amount of time to produce results. Through paid search advertising, on the other hand, you can see results in as little as a week. Since the effectiveness of the program depends on your use of the appropriate keywords, you’ll need an understanding of the program’s finer details to see results.

Our webcast will provide you with strategies for targeting clients with paid search advertising. The webcast will be delivered by Eli Romberg, a strategic partner manager for Google, and James D. Scott, a Certified Family Law Specialist whose firm has had success with the program.

Mark your calendar for Wednesday, April 24th to catch the webcast. There will be two sessions: one at 1 p.m. CDT and the other at 3 p.m. CDT. If you plan on viewing, you need to register online for one of the sessions.

If you still have questions about what paid search advertising can do for your firm, you should call your local FindLaw lawyer marketing consultant. As a Google AdWords Certified partner, FindLaw can help you implement a pay-per-click program to reach straight for the right potential clients.

Michelle Croteau, Director of Marketing Communications
with Corey Licht, FindLaw Audience Team

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