So you are getting a nice, consistent flow of traffic to your website, now what? You might think your work is done, but that traffic needs some more attention. A law firm must not only drive traffic to its website, but convert the traffic as well.

Of all the options to consider when looking at your law firm website, optimizing your conversion solutions may be the most important of them all. Let’s start at the beginning — conversion is the processing of converting passive website visitors into qualified leads. Depending on your law firm personality and individual marketing goals, there are a lot of ways you can optimize your conversion approach and get the quality clients you are looking for.

The key to law firm website conversion is fairly straightforward — engage your visitors before they leave your website. When you start focusing on optimizing conversion in addition to driving traffic you can also discover performance opportunities in your website and adjust accordingly. Here are some suggestions on how to start thinking about Conversion Rate Optimization on your website:

Test various conversion solutions: The old saying, you don’t know until you’ve tried, applies here. You may not need to apply every possible conversion solution to your website but it might be best to test a variety out until you know which ones work the best for your page and potential clients. Make sure you test them out long enough to determine which ones work and which ones don’t!

Look to your competitors and industry leaders: See what other people in your same industry are doing on their site. Looking beyond your competitors to industry leaders will also give you an idea of the latest trends. Try logging onto various sites in these categories as a “potential client” and take notes on the elements that speak to you.

Think about your customers: It sounds obvious but this important rule is often overlooked. You know your clients and their needs. Think about what elements they like in a website and don’t be afraid to solicit feedback to make the user experience on your site even better.

Like all of FindLaw Lawyer Marketing solutions, our goal is to get you the results you want. Rely on our expertise in conversion to help you along the way. Get in touch with your FindLaw Lawyer Marketing consultant today!

– Jill Schornack, Director, Product Marketing
with Laura Strachan, Audience Team

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