It has been nearly a month since, the web’s most popular legal website, announced the launch of its sister site, FindLaw UK. Like FindLaw, FindLaw UK uses news, blogs, articles, communities and access to legal professionals to help consumers get clear, concise and helpful legal information. With over 5,000 pages of content on its launch, FindLaw UK entered the market place ready to help legal consumers get the information they were looking for.

Legal consumers in the UK voiced their need for reliable, understandable legal information and help finding a solicitor if they need one. Since FindLaw UK began filling that need, several top legal information blogs and news organizations have taken note.

LawSites, Robert Ambrogi’s blog that tracks new and interesting sites for the legal profession, took note of FindLaw UK on the day of its launch. LawSites reported that not only the consumer, but the legal professional, can find information of interest on FindLaw UK. Contact Law is a tool that allows consumers to contact a solicitor with knowledge in the appropriate area of law quickly and easily.

Also reporting on the FindLaw UK launch was the blog for the British and Irish Association of Law Librarians and Information World Review. IWR noted the wide range of free information and contact services provided by FindLaw UK and quoted FindLaw president, Karl Florida. “Users can learn about specific legal issues or learn how to navigate legal concerns by reading easy-to-follow guides, articles and blog posts, or posting questions in our online community. It [FindLaw UK] also offers tips on how to find and hire an affordable, experienced solicitor to handle an individual’s legal affairs …”

Like FindLaw, FindLaw UK is quickly becoming a trusted resource for legal consumers and professionals alike to stay informed, stay interested and stay in touch with legal news, issues and each other.

Michelle Croteau, Director Marketing Communications
with Tanya Roth, FindLaw Portal Team

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