Almost every company has one, but few people understand exactly what they do — the technology team. While it is true that all functional areas of FindLaw are crucial to our business, it would be nearly impossible for FindLaw to accomplish our goals and deliver solutions to our customers without our own technology team.

As an important part of the FindLaw team, the technology team is responsible for creating and maintaining both FindLaw’s internal and customer facing systems, including customers’ performance reports, and other essential parts of the FindLaw suite of products.

One of the driving forces behind the technology team is its people. For example, Technology Manager Greg Atkinson explains that “The thing I like best about my job is knowing that I’ve made someone else’s job easier or that our customer has a better product as a result of the work we did”. Attitudes like this are the reason that in 2010, the technology team completed and implemented new business processes that have helped FindLaw become more efficient by improving data and providing reliable products to our customers.

More of us rely on technology to help us perform our jobs than ever before and it helps to have people like Greg and his team ready to come up with a solution. As the technology team moves ahead in 2011, they will continue with their proven recipe for success based on a philosophy of continuous improvement and innovation.

As a “fun fact”, the team is made up of employees from 9 countries, and has taken the opportunity to learn about each others’ countries of origin through various internal events.

There it is in a nutshell. 2011 is poised to be an exciting time for the FindLaw team, especially the technology team, as they work to increase bandwidth to meet the increasing needs of the business. If you ever get the change to meet someone from the technology team, make sure you stop and ask them what they are up to. You may be surprised by what they tell you!

— Chee Wong, Director, Technology
with Pierre Zado, FindLaw Portal Team

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