Many of us are DIY types. Why pay someone else to do something, when you can do it yourself?

Oil Change? Pass the car jack and a drain pan. Unclog the drain? Caustic chemicals and a plunger will do the trick.

Managing your law firm’s online presence? Let’s see: a template-based website, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube channel, video production … the list goes on and on.

The Phone Book Isn’t Enough

Instead of advertising in the yellow pages, or slapping up a webpage, now, you have to be everywhere at once.

After all, most of us have smartphones. And before we do anything, from picking a restaurant, to picking a lawyer, we look on the Internet. We divide our attention between the latest episode of The Good Wife and the smartphone or tablet in our laps and we look up firms’ websites, social media accounts, and any other information we can find on them.

Because seriously, who picks a name out of the yellow pages anymore? And we’re not going to poll our friends and coworkers on the best drunk driving defense lawyer in town, for obvious reasons.

How Do You Adapt (and Continue to Do So)?

Crazy, isn’t it? Five years ago, only a handful of people had smartphones. All you needed was a well-designed webpage and you’d be set.

Today, thanks to an ever-changing consumer landscape (seriously, check out that dynographic), your webpage has to be constantly updated and tweaked to deal with Google’s constantly-changing search algorithm, plus you need to manage your brand on Twitter and YouTube (or else), and oh yeah — you have to actually get clients and practice law!

Create Awareness, Engage, and Convert

Having that passive website isn’t enough. Today, you need to do more.

First, you have to create brand awareness. You want a website that clients can find, plus a social media presence, and maybe even television and online advertisements. And when they get there, you have to keep their attention. They have to be engaged with your site, with your blog posts and tweets, and want to learn more about you and your firm — otherwise, they’ll click on to the next page.

And then, after they’ve read your outstanding discussion of  the unreliability of roadside sobriety tests, and enjoyed your Facebook updates, then you have to reel them in, through website chat, phone calls, or other mediums.

But Wait, You’re a Lawyer!

Exactly. Do you want to spend your time tweeting, and cleaning up your website’s code, or practicing law?

That’s why we exist. Our lawyer marketing services help clients become aware of your firm and its excellent service. We’ll help you manage your social media accounts, blogs, and website to attract their attention and engage them with your expertise. And when they’re ready, we’ll lead them to your office.

Michelle Croteau, Director Marketing Communications
with William Peacock, FindLaw Audience Team

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